7 Chic Outfits for an Irish Summer

July 14, 2015

2e64218d819082c3520968a72fced1a7Summer in Ireland is hit or miss. True beach weather is usually associated with leaving the country. The spring summer season in Ireland is mild at best with a high risk of  sunny spells when your least disposed to make the most of it and even higher risk of rain once you get out and about. It’s every Irish girl’s trouble to stay looking fabulous and well dressed through the Atlantic wind and rains a.m to the easy summer sunshine come p.m (and vice versa!). Below are 7 outfit ideas for an easy chic look when the weather is the warm side of mild; throw your favourite summer jacket over them and don’t forget your umbrella! ☀️☔️

Casual Chic Look #1

It’s easy to feel effortlessly chic in all black and it’s so easy to put together! This is one of those perfect back-up outfits for when you find yourself short on time and when other styling ideas just aren’t coming together for you in the way that you pictured it would in your head! In the summer a very light fine knit sweater won’t feel too hot and on cooler days it’s easy to swap out for something more heavy duty that will keep you warm. Own at least two pairs of black trousers that you love and fit you perfectly and make sure at least one pair is always ready to wear in case of emergency! I love these elegant black heels but flat black ballerina pumps are still perfectly chic for those mornings you can’t face your heels. Or you can swap out black shoes for nude heels or flats if you want to lighten the look.


screenshot 3

Casual Chic Look #2

I love this relaxed blue shirt from Modern Citizen to brighten up classic black leggings and flat pumps. It’s so practical and still effortlessly chic. It’s perfect to throw on for a trip into town to scout out the markets and galleries for inspiration. I love my black leggings, they’re so versatile and cool in the summer, I never pack an overnight bag without throwing in my black leggings for safe measure if I’m not wearing them all ready (so comfortable for long car journeys and flights).

screenshot 5


Casual Chic Look #3

The jeans-and-shirt look is not just one for the boys. Rock your summer business with ease in a beautifully cool shirt, perfect blue jeans and killer black pumps. I’ve gone for a white shirt here but take a look at these gorgeous girls below who look ready to whip up a storm in shirts tartan, denim and checked. And not a handbag in sight…


screenshot 2

Casual Chic Look #4

It’s so easy to fall in love with this dreamy look! This look is perfect for the romantic and chic city wanderer… wander the library, the markets, a new café, the botanical gardens, a new book, a favourite gallery, Paris, London, spring, summer…


Casual Chic Look #5

Back to business with casual chic look #5! Armed with an inspired mind execute your new ideas with grace and sophistication. I love this relaxed cardigan but it’s easily swapped out for a classic black blazer when you feel you need that extra something. Complete this look with an up-do: pony tail or chignon or whatever works best for you.

screenshot 6


Casual Chic Look #6

I love casual chic look #6! This is the perfect look for a date with your best girl or guy, whether it’s a day downtown or a movie-and-a-meal this look is super comfy, effortless and it’s so french girl chic. Sure, the $4,000 Chanel bag helps, but for me, those shoes have it all.


screenshot 7

Casual Chic Look #7

Denim shorts will always be the classic summer staple we can’t get through the season without. If you don’t own a white shirt that you love wearing, it’s worth your time and effort finding the perfect one and buying at least two of them. Your white shirt and denim shorts will get you through so many casual chic summer outfits if you let them! A light fine-knit sweater is my last recommendation for your casual chic summer arsenal, grey, white, black or nude, it’s the perfect cover up or extra layer in your tote that you can pull out and throw over any of these 7 looks. Again, those shoes…


I hope you liked my collection of classic chic summer looks! What’s your favourite casual chic outfit or item that you can’t get through summer without?



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